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The Arboreal Apiculture Salon
Exploring the science, beauty and spiritual expression of Arboreal Apiculture

An Interactive Live Stream & Podcast

Next Stream: Salon #31

12th of Feb 2024 

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Would you like to listen to or chat with arboreal apiculture experts and enthusiasts from around the world? It's easy join our free live stream events where you will receive a warm welcome and introduction to bees and their natural home. The Salon is recorded with a live online audience, and published as a podcast hosted by Jonathan Powell (Natural Beekeeping Trust),  Cheyanna Bone (Apis Arborea) and Michael J. Thiele, (Apis Arborea).

We recently created a Telegram Group as a forum to continue conversations beyond the live Salon events. It will provide a space to explore and share ideas and projects and will make it easier to organize locally. If you are interested, please feel free to use this link to join the Arboreal Apiculture Salon on Telegram.

Salon No. 31 - 12th Feb

It was on honor to have Derek Mitchel from the UK as our guest. We hope to have our interview with him published by the end of February.


Derek Mitchell does research into the heat transfer of man-made and natural honeybee nests at the
School of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Leeds where he has recently completed
his Phd with a thesis entitled “The Thermofluid engineering of the honeybee nest (Apis

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