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Next Stream: Salon #24 on 25th June 2022 18:30 - 20:00 UTC

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Would you like to listen to or chat with arboreal apiculture experts and enthusiasts from around the world? It's easy join our free live stream events where you will receive a warm welcome and introduction to bees and their natural home. The Salon is recorded with a live online audience, and published as a podcast hosted by Jonathan Powell (Natural Beekeeping Trust),  Cheyanna Bone (Apis Arborea) and Michael J. Thiele, (Apis Arborea).

Next Salon No. 24: 

For the upcoming Salon on June 25 we would like to engage the global arboreal apiculture community in an interactive discussion and exploration of several topics that we touched on during our last Salon with Frederique Apffel-Marglin ( Professor Emerita, Dpt. of Anthropology at Smith College).  Frederique’s innovative research presents an opportunity for the arboreal apiculture movement to integrate pioneering scientific thinking and practices, increase our awareness of Deep Ecology in conservation and broaden our understanding of the interconnected intelligence of nature and life on earth. 

Cheyanna, Jonathan, and Michael will introduce several themes and invite the audience to participate in a collaborative exploration and learning.  Please feel free to listen to the podcast of the interview with Frederique prior to the upcoming Salon.


After our summer break, we will resume in September with Salon #25.  Our guest will be Prof.Dr. Jürgen Tautz from Germany. He wrote “The Buzz about Bees” and “Honey Bees”. His latest book “Communication Between Honeybees: More Than Just a Dance in the Dark” will be available this summer and be one of the topics of our conversation.

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