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Salon No 23 With Frederique Apffel Marglin

Our special guest is Frederique Apffel Marglin. She is Professor Emerita, Dpt. of Anthropology at Smith College and founded Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration in Peru. Frederique is challenging the foundation of western thinking and promotes new ways of being in relationship with the agency and sentience of the non-human world. Her innovative research presents an opportunity for the arboreal apiculture movement to integrate pioneering scientific thinking and practices, increase our awareness of Deep Ecology in conservation and broaden our understanding of the interconnected intelligence of nature and life on earth.

Salon No. 22 With Thomas Seeley

Our special guest will be Thomas Dyer Seeley.  He is the Horace White Professor in Biology in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University. He is the author of several books on honeybee behavior, including Honeybee Democracy and The Wisdom of the Hive.  He was the recipient of the Humboldt Prize in Biology in 2001. Tom is the most well known and most respected scientists researching free living bee colonies. We look back over his long career.

Podcast Reference:

Darwinian black box selection for resistance to settled invasive Varroa destructor parasites in honey bees - Tjeerd Blacquière



Salon No. 21 With Filipe Salbany

Our special guest for Salon No. 21 us Filipe Salbany. He has worked with honey bees for over 50 years in Africa, Europe, North America, and the UK. In November 2021 his work at Blenheim Palace (UK) received international attention when the Guardian published an article about the discovery of over 50 previously unknown honey bee colonies of mostly old genetic lineage in the estate forests.   (We recommend podcast players that support chapter art for this episode)

Salon No. 20 with special guest Prof. Dr. Scott Gilbert

Our special guest is Prof. Dr. Scott F. Gilbert from the Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland; Department of Biology, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, USA. Scott will talk about his pioneering work about Holobiome, radically new perspectives on what it means to be an individual, and the origins of novelty. His research is an inspiring resource for arboreal apiculture and a deeper understanding of the nature of honeybees.

Salon No. 19 Beelining with Cheyanna and Michael

Beelining is an ancient craft and science of finding wild honeybee trees/nests. The pursuit is old as humankind and has gained new relevance for the conservation and rewilding of honeybees. Cheyanna and Michael will give an introduction to the logistics and challenges and share how beelining is used in projects in their work at Apis Arborea.

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