Kaninchenwerder Island - Schwerin
Kaninchenwerder Island - Schwerin

Kaninchenwerder Island - Schwerin

In May 2020, Beenature Project started another renaturation project on the island of Kaninchenwerder of Schwerin in cooperation with the Schwerin-Muess open-air museum. Three Schiffertrees were installed in the nature reserve and populated with natural swarms, which were returned to natural selection.

The project is scientifically and veterinarian supported. Every three months, a sample of the honey wreath is taken from the bee colonies and examined for foulbrood spores. This means that the official requirements as they apply in beekeeping are exceeded. The aim is to free wild bee colonies from the stigma of the epidemic in conditions that are appropriate to the species.

In addition, two further habitats have been installed on the museum grounds, which remain uninhabited and are used only for measurement purposes. One simulation hangs in the tree, protected by a shady canopy of leaves, the other is about 100 m away on a meadow without any shade. The measurement comparison of temperature and humidity should make the location and the associated microclimate clear as a selective factor.




Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (East-North)


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Beenature-Project by Torben Schiffer

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