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Custos Apium
Custos Apium

Custos Apium

As our journey with bees continued, our knowledge grew and our focus changed, we soon learned about feral bees and bees living in the wild. We realised that with deforestation, and big trees being cut down, the natural habitat of bees was getting lost. Bees are building their nests in what for people are often inconvenient places, or hang in a cluster for several days before being able to find a suitable site.

We were confirmed in this idea as soon as we started to put up empty hives, or bait hives, soon these hives were found by bees.

We redesigned our hives to best suit the needs of Bees for long term nesting sites and now have Dozens of hives in a 100 kilometre radius around us and many others across France. The vast majority have been found by swarming Bees, all are left alone. Once established they will cast out swarms themselves in spring, and hopefully will continue to reproduce and propagate feral bees for many years.

In this way, we hope to help with the preservation of the honey bee by assisting feral (survivor bees) and in broader terms, help the environment and secure our future within it.




Saint Michel de Veisse


Start Date


Project Owner

Karin & Adam Wright

Naturally Occupied Nests

Created  Hives


Project Type

Rewilding, low intervention

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