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BeeWisdom network
BeeWisdom network

BeeWisdom network

BeeWisdom is a network connecting people interested in exploring together the wonders of the bees and offering them safe places to stay and thrive. Many of us are land stewards. We live in regions of South and Central Portugal with an abundance of regeneration and rewilding projects.

Within our network of BeeExplorers, we have various areas of research to learn more from bees living in trees, bringing bees back into trees, no/low intervention bee-keeping in bee friendly hives and creating bee habitat.

Bringing bees back into trees
We repair hollows in trees to make them suitable for bee colonies; “CobCavities” (see video ). Looking for possible BeeCavities and doing the creation work, we become more kin with trees, bees, all other creatures and elements that belong to this vibrant web of life.

Including bees in land stewardship
We care for bees on various lands and we have long term agreements with land stewards to develop rewilding strategies. We are growing our capacity to support people to welcome bee colonies on their land.




Odemira, South-West Alentejo and Guarda, Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal


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BeeWisdom network

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Learning and co-creating with the bees

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