Beekeeping rEvolution
Beekeeping rEvolution

Beekeeping rEvolution

"Beekeeping-rEvolution" is a Citizen Science Project of "Beenature - Save the Bees" society by Torben Schiffer.

All citizens who know about a wild bee colony are invited to report it to the monitoring project and thus participate in research, nature and species protection. The location and contact details always remain anonymous. You can report wild bee colonies in tree hollows, in the Schiffertree simulations, and in buildings.

For decades, the western honeybee has been considered extinct in the wild. However, the latest studies report numerous surviving and completely untreated honey bee colonies, not only in tree hollows, but also in buildings. Many of those have been observed for a number of years. Apparently these colonies do not share the symptomatic diseases of modern beekeeping (e.g. Varroa overpopulations, Nosema, foulbrood etc.). The Beekeeping rEvolution project now is collecting reports from citizens who have discovered and are observing such a honey bee colony. The aim of this long-term monitoring project is to have the honey bee legally recognized and protected as a wild animal.






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Beenature-Project by Torben Schiffer

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Monitoring, Citizen Sciene

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