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Agave Honey Bee (LOG) Hive
Agave Honey Bee (LOG) Hive

Agave Honey Bee (LOG) Hive

Bees are sentient and share a collective, independent intelligence. We respect this.
The aim of our project is to provide nest habitats that are attractive to bees and are naturally self-populating. Following traditional practice we use logs provided by the Agave. These tough plants have remarkable insulation, are lightweight and are extremely strong due to the organic integrity of the sisal fibres. The logs are harvested after the plant has grown to full maturity, has flowered, died and become dry.
Our methods are informed by African beekeeping, in particular the use of log hives and tree beekeeping practices. We are cognizant of African bee TEK (traditional ecological knowledge). Also, we remain sensitive to the mythological status accorded to bees and how this informs bio-cultural beliefs.

Our educational approach follows processes of knowledge sharing and networking (KSN) in a context of transformative learning. We also believe in policy advocacy and an ethical appreciation of bees and all that they stand for.


South Africa


Southern Africa Region


Start Date


Project Owner

Founder, innovator Neil Rusch

Naturally Occupied Nests


Created  Hives




Project Type

Habitat creation, re-wilding, minimum to no intervention, skills share

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