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Blenheim bees – A masterful and measured response

It is a tribute to the project that they have sought to prevent managed beekeeping on and around the estate

Guy Thompson not only delivers a masterful and measured response to some of the unsubstantiated claims in a recent media piece about free-living bee colonies in Oxfordshire, but manages to also paint a clear picture of the conditions which favour or hinder the development of what might be considered a healthy balance between landscape, honeybees and other pollinators - an equilibrium that is clearly undermined by much of prevalent beekeeping practice.


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1 comentário

Carl Hodson
Carl Hodson
20 de mai. de 2022

Nice to see bees in there natural state in a hole in a tree and not in stacked box's for the sake of profit I'm totally against chemical beekeeping they survived millions of years before we came on the scene

Hodson (Beekeeper)

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