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Free Living

Spotted, what I thought (hoped) might be free living bees, about a week ago. Whilst on a walk through a patch of remnant old growth lowland podocarp forest near Geraldine, Sth Canterbury, S Island. The entrance is about 6m up in a approximately 600 year old Kaihakatea tree (white arrow on photo).
I could hear them long before I spotted where the entrance is. Very busy. Thought it might be wasps, so returned with my binoculars and confirmed that it is bees...lots of pollen going in. This area of reserve is part of a much larger area of regenerating native forest but also surrounded by pastoral farmlands. More than likely a swarm from a managed colony, of which there are no doubt many in the vicinity.
I'll check them again next time I'm off for a trip in my camper.

26 Feb 2023



New Zealand
New Zealand

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