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This 130 yr. old Beech Tree was a casualty of storm Eustice, which hit the UK in Feb 22. The 2500 acre private estate is currently the location for a rewilding project, with 3 Eco Tree Hives, a known natural tree cavity and a number of out buildings, occupied by feral colonies. This stunning tree happens to be next to the estates main house and a tree I have stood under in search of a possible occupied tree cavity.
But 'NOBODY KNEW IT WAS THERE' until the storm bought down the tree and the groundsmen started logging it. The plan is to use a tractor and front loader, cut out the main nest area and relocate the cutout into nearby woods.
There are 2 entrances to the cavity and bees were spotted carrying in pollen so there is every chance that this colony should survive. [update: 2 months later and the bees are still alive and thriving in their cut our section]
Having only searched a small part of the estates 750 acres of untouched woodland, it makes you wonder how many other colonies exist within the estate grounds?

22 Feb 2022



United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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