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Free Living

I have known about the colony in the roof of this farmhouse for over 10 years, and I can verify that they have occupied the nest continuously during that time as I regularly check on them. The owner says the nest has been there at least 20 years. You can feel the warmth of the hive if you put the hand to the wall in the adjacent bedroom and hear them if you press your ear to the wall.

As the nest often throws swarms that disappear into the village I set up a freedom hive in the willow tree (also in the picture). This very quickly filled with bees and has been occupied for 3 years.

The farm owner has now set up two further bee boxes (see the second picture) purchased from bees for development and one of those has also filled and is now 1 year old.

The bees are untouched and enjoyed by the owners of the farm who plant trees and generally support the wildlife on the farm. The farm is now an unofficial mini bee sanctuary.

13 Nov 2020



United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Total reported by Jonathan is 6

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