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Free Living

In a very special forest. Protected by its owner. I have been given the opportunity to climb up the trees, embrace them and place some cork hives as high as I could. Without expectations. I offer the bees some old combs with honey and in a few hours they had found and visit every single hive.
Centenary cork trees which suffered the effect of fires, extend their branches following impossible patterns. A grey brownish snake, whistling, shows his bifidus tongue. Butterflies, a variety of birds live there too.
One of the trees has lost a huge branch. It collapsed with the last storm. Many others decompose and become part of the soil as tiny creatures help in the process.
Patiently I visit the forest and check for the bees.
Until, eventually, the highest nest is occupied. I did not have the possibility to properly record the bees with a good camera, but they live there.

3 Jun 2021




Total reported by Cristina is 10

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