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I met Simon, the designer and builder of the Eco Tree Hive in Berlin. We both participated in the "Learning from the Bees 2019" conference. Me and my partner Rajai presented the "Honey Path" - a bi-national apiary that's located in the "Oasis of Peace" village, where Jews and Arabs are voluntarily living together as one community.

After the presentation Simon approached me and kindly offered to donate a hive. We were delighted with his offer. Shortly after, Simon built our hive, as we've located a suitable tree with the right conditions to hang it on. The hive was successfully shipped with assistance by the Natural Beekeeping Trust.

Just before 2020 spring my friend Offer guided me how to hang the hive. We gathered the right materials and he came and helped me with its installation, under a Eucalyptus tree at "Eshtaol Forest", just right next to our apiary's location. Just before we hanged it up-there, I attached 2 old combs inside. Less than a week after, a swarm of honeybees inhabited the hive. It was like it had magnetized the swarm to come and settle in.

Ever since, me and my students have visited the hive once in a while to see how they're doing. I'm showing it to every guest that visited our apiary.

The colony is developing very well in this unmanaged, well built hive. We see this hive as a symbolic gesture for a peaceful future in Israel, where Jews and Arabs will combine a mutual life style among each-other, and hopefully work together in order to help the bees and the entire living beings in our surroundings.

19 Mar 2020




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