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From the start of feeling a draw to the honey bees, I never felt a connection to honey producing beekeeping. My own enquiry led me to like minded bee guardians that were providing conditions for the bees as they have in the wild, that of living in the trees. Through mimicking tree hive conditions I became fascinated with the people making log hives, the first one going into my garden in Surrey was produced by Matt Somerville. From learning with him we started to produce our own log hives. For this first log hive I happened to be in my garden when a swarm arrived, one month after putting it up. I will never forget this moment, it felt like being in the centre of creation itself. My whole body was fully alive and tingling and I spent the next week in what I can only describe as bliss. My hope is that many more people can experience bees being their natural selves, one would never prevent a hive from swarming if they experienced this phenomena.

22 Jun 2019



United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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