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I moved onto this land late autumn 2020 and discovered these hives located on the Northerly side of a hedge, exposed to our predominant, wet, W wind and the cold N winds.
The hives were abandoned 4 years ago by a chap who breeds Native Black Bees.
Overgrown with bramble and Ivy and frequented by at least one mouse, the hives are in a sorry state. The wood is rotting and the large hives doesn't have a roof, and there is a large hole in the corner of the roof.
The colonies however seem very strong. Active all throughout winter and good natured as I sit and watch and poke my camera around.
The lady who owns the property wants the hives moved to reclaim the edges of the pasture. I am trying to come up with ways to convince her they need to stay. Any thoughtful advice appreciated. I also have a Top Bar Hive which I would love to populate when they swarm.

8 Mar 2021



United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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