Pertwood Farm

Pertwood Farm

The Natural Beekeeping teamed up with Pertwood Organic Farm to create the first Zeidler tree hive in the UK. Pertwood in Wiltshire is a home to people, sheep, cattle, abundant wildlife and is one of the oldest organic farms in the UK.

The project now includes tree boxes and log hives. From the initial Ziedler hive there are now 3 free living wild colonies.

All colonies are local wild honey bees that naturally populate the nest sites. The aim is to naturally grow the population across the whole farm by providing habitats, deep flowering borders and flowering fertilising cover crops.


United Kingdom




Start Date

2016 - ongoing

Project Owner

Natural Beekeeping Trust

Naturally Occupied Nests


Created  Hives



Influenced by agriculture

Project Type

2,600 organic acres farm.

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Pertwood Farm