Boomtree Bees

Boomtree Bees

Our mission is to help with the conservation and rewilding of the honeybee. Through habitat creation and development we aim to provide suitable habitats for honeybees in the Irish countryside. The current project area covers 300Km2, and the aim is to have 1 hive per km2. As of 2020 over 100 log hives have been installed. The aim is to duplicate this all over Ireland.

At Boomtreebees education is a priority. We aim to educate schools, community groups and others about the importance of the honeybee in our environment and what we can do to secure their future.

Boomtreebees is based in Buncrana, which is located on the stunning Inishowen Peninsula Co. Dongel beside the shores of Lough Swilly.




Inishowen Peninsula, co. Donegal.


Start Date

Project Owner

Michiel Verspuij

Naturally Occupied Nests

Created  Hives



Influenced by Agriculture

Project Type

Rewilding, education

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