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Bartnicy Sudetów
Bartnicy Sudetów

Bartnicy Sudetów

The Bartnicy Sudetów program derives its sources from passion and knowledge about bees and their role in maintaining biodiversity of the natural environment. Under the program, logs are produced, which are then hung in an area of ​​over 10,000 ha of forests located in the municipalities of Międzylesie, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Lądek Zdrój. Logs are obtained mainly from trees turned over by the wind and most often unsuitable for sale as a raw material for the wood industry. We produced the first 300 pieces together with the inmates of the Kłodzko Prison as part of the ecological education implemented with the Międzylesie Forest District. The target of 1000 logs is a perfect base for bees to live in forest areas, but also as a shelter for many small species inhabiting the forest. The protection of local subspecies of honey bees seems to be the most important factor in the protection of this species. Modern beekeeping is oriented on the selection of features conducive to agricultural production. To this end, subspecies that have never been present in Poland are imported. Unfortunately, in this way native subspecies of honey bees are being displaced from Polish territories, which for centuries inhabited incl. woodland. It is also significant for wild solitary bees, which must compete for food with much more specialized imported bees. We assume that bees living in the forest, like all wild animals, do not require human intervention. We don't get honey from bees living in the forest. The greatest value of our program is pollination and increase in forest biodiversity.




Międzylesie, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Lądek Zdrój


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Project Owner

Bartnicy Sudetów - Konrad Zaremba

Naturally Occupied Nests

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Project Type

Renature - 10,000 ha

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