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International Bee Conference - Bees without borders

Bees without borders - NOVEMBER 21 2020

Prof. Dr. Hugo Bucher; Dr. Laurent Larrieu; Fabrice Requier; Vincent Albouy; Dr. Yves Le Conte; Vincent Canova

The conference will be a platform for French speaking bee researchers and experienced practitioners. Collectively they will share important knowledge and insights little known outside of France about the ecology of the honey bee.

The latest research on the honey bee in its natural environment will be presented. This will show that honey bees living autonomously exist and without beekeepers.

The entire conference will take place online.

Original language is French. Simultaneous translation into German and English

Conference organiser: FREETHEBEES

For further information and tickets visit freethebees conference page

Partners: Natural Beekeeping Trust, UK; Honey Bee Wild, LUX





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